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New Album 'Camino de Brujos' Out Now

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A new chapter 🇻🇪🇧🇷🇨🇴.

We've joined forces with Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. from the almighty Sepultura to create the most important album of our career. 

For the last three years we’ve been composing a furious record. 


In this album we want to show you guys South American metal as raw and real as it should be in our vision.. Metal made the same way we got to know it at a live show. No drum-samples, no robotic performances. Organic as it gets. 

‘Camino de Brujos’ has been released April 7th of 2023.

The album is available digitally in the Americas through:

Outono Music / Universal Music Group  

In the rest of the world through:

AJM Sound / Bloodblast 

It it is also available on Vinyl, CD & Cassette Tape through our official Store and Bandcamp.

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