"This is an epic masterpiece that will stand the test of time and stand as the monument it is."
10/10 Skrik Zine (Norway)

“Rezando Al Miedo is a groove laden masterpiece that proves Cultura Tres are possibly the finest South American Metal band currently out there"
The Sludgelord (UK)

"The sense of threat and wrongness is matched only by the slightly hysterical joy of immersing yourself in it."
4/5 Terrorizer Magazine (UK)

"...the Venezuelan 4 piece have created an darkly evocative soundscape that by parts leaves you exhilarated, unnerved and queasy…"
John Sturm, Echoes and Dust (UK)

“A jewel with which Culture Tres show they are one of the most important metal bands of this damn planet...."
9/10 Cosmic Tentacles (Spain)

“Rezando Al Miedo” is the best work of Cultura Tres so far...."
Phantasmagoria (Greece)

"Sludge? Doom? Progressive? Forget genres – Cultura Tres did when they wrote this challenging work of art"
Philip Stiles, Sonic Abuse (UK)

"It's not long before you realize that this album is a tour de force, a masterpiece even."
Paranoid Hitsophrenic (US)

“……Cultura Tres rank among the most unique bands of their time.”
Andreas Schiffmann, Temple of Perdition

"Again a strong and very varied album with that apart dark and eerie South American style...."
84/100 Lords of Metal (The Netherlands)